Today's Versatile Screen Printing:

The Print Anything Process!

When it comes to printing, the "end-product" of much graphic design, only one process can truly be called an "art." It's screen printing...the print anything process.

The Fine Art of Printing

Screen printing is the oldest, yet most progressive, of all printing and graphics processes. It is quick, versatile, durable and amazingly cost-efficient.

It is the only process that can transfer words and images directly onto virtually any substrate: Round surfaces, vertical surfaces, soft and hard surfaces - even water-activated materials - can be screen printed today.

Unlike other printing media limited by press size, shape and configuration, any substrate or material - regardless of size, shape or texture - can be screen printed.

No other printing process compares with screen printing for design, brilliance, quality and dimension. Inch for inch, centimeter for centimeter, screen printing uses more ink than most any other production process. Modern screen printing and graphic imaging facilities can accurately create and reproduce type as small as four point.

And, with today's sophisticated graphic imaging capabilities screen printers can create, edit or change production designs with a minimum of effort - or expense!

Imprinted Incentives

Use screen printing to put a name, message or logo just about anywhere: Ballpoint pens, calendars, T-shirts, luggage tags, coasters, key chains, plastic bags, paperweights and mugs are just a few of the estimated 15,000 different types of merchandise used in specialty advertising and produced by the screen printing process.

Today's versatile screen printing industry can imprint virtually everything - tote bags, umbrellas, sportswear, caps and visors, aprons, kitchen goods, jewelry cases and attaches.

From bumper stickers, parking decals, truck and equipment shipping labels, machinery labels, roll labels - and even multi-purpose business cards - your SGIA International screen printer can help you create and manufacture appropriate tools for getting your message to stick to its goals!

The Point of Purchase

Screen printing can utilize a wide variety of materials to help construct eye-opening displays: Wood, metal, plastic, acrylics, fabrics, lighting, motion devices, wire, tubing, glass, cardboard and vinyl can be combined to form unique point-of-purchase displays or sales aids that spotlight wares and make them stand out from the competition.

Illuminated modules...headers...product samples...vacuum-formed replicas...process color endless variety of substrates make screen printing the logical choice for producing an attractive, yet functional, array of point-of-purchase materials.

And don't overlook the "packaging" potential of screen printing, which can dress up or decorate any package, bottle of container to meet your specific needs.

Signs for the Times

From a single poster or counter card to a complete advertising promotion program, count on screen printing to meet your exact signage requirements on materials ranging from simple paper and plastics to more complex shapes, sizes and substrates.

Four-color process or opaque colors can be screen printed on signs of a variety of substrates and then completed with steel rule die cutting, laminating, mounting, punching, drilling, collating and packaging.

"Bigness" in outdoor advertising gives screen printing one-upmanship over other printing processes, since it can print on anything - no matter how big, small or complex.

Many SGIA International screen printers specialize in producing creative outdoor "boards" that give the extended benefits of color brilliance and weatherability due to the inherent capabilities of the production process.

More Miles per Message

No form of mass transit - neither buses, trains, trolleys nor airplanes - can fit through a conventional printing press.

So when designers need fleet markings or want to reproduce words and messages on the exterior surfaces of vehicles, they turn to screen printing.

Similarly, the right decals, advertising panels and design signatures enable vehicles to move customers closer to your business doors. Wise utilization of available space enables products, names and messages to be clearly and colorfully advertised with screen printing.

Banner Events

Everywhere one goes these days, flags, banners and pennants are displayed with pride. And joining the parade of "flag-wavers" are corporations which display flags featuring their own business logos.

Flag-making has changed since the days when Betsy Ross sewed the first U.S. flag by hand. So where do all these flags, banners and pennants come from?

Usually from screen printers!

Today's screen printing can offer the "biggest bang" to inflate your advertising buck: Bud light's Spuds...the Noids from Domino's Pizza...Coca-Cola bottles...Nike sneakers and Levi jeans are among the familiar products and advertising characters rendered larger than life by giant inflatables...which, of course, are screen-printable as well.

Putting on the Ritz

Challenged to meet the "hardware" and "software" needs of today's corporate design?

Screen printing provides the means to reproduce corporate identification materials, logo transfers and architectural signage. From dials to thermostats - and from signs to decorative tiles - screen printing supplies building contractors with the way to go in printing and graphic design.

Corporate image building has expanded beyond logos on letterhead. The message today is that even decor - carpets, wallpaper, window coverings and upholstery - can help to communicate a corporate message.

Exclusive screen printed designer wall covering collections featuring wallpapers, borders, textile effects and coordinating fabrics are now being used in many business establishments.

Blinds, canopies and awnings offer an attractive and practical finishing touch to exterior decorations. Screen printed "shades" offer maximum durability and can be produced on a wide array of popular colors and designs.

Even outside glass can be customized through screen printing to provide low levels of background lighting, preventing glare while allowing people inside to see out through the same windows.

If you're looking for a printer to help dress up your business from the inside out, look to a SGIA International screen printer for suggestions about colorful, energy-efficient solutions.

Industrial Applications, Too!

Industrial production requires tight quality controls when it comes to printing.

And whether it's industrial markings on original printing on porcelain enameled surfaces...or producing instrumentation panels and nameplates, only screen printing offers the exacting close tolerance, flexibility and durability that specifications required.

High-Tech Printing

The electronics industry is a big part of the screen printing process, as well, since only screen printing is sensitive and versatile enough to meet the exacting demands of computers, circuitry and electronic components.

Screen printing provides the means to reproduce those delicate images required by printed circuit boards, membrane switches and panel fronts housing sophisticated electronic hardware.

Screen printing can fill the gap through a wide range of panel designs, materials, finishes and applications. Screen printed membrane switches, for example, are designed to resist dust, moisture and other contaminating materials. Used in many low voltage applications, these switches are made up of various insulating materials which blend decorative and functional graphics with conductive inks and adhesives.

Take a Closer Look at Today's Screen Printing

Coupled with graphic imaging, screen printing is a viable alternative to other reproduction processes.

Though the industry has historically enjoyed and image of artistry and craftsmanship, today's screen printing is an up-to-date, competitive and sensitive graphic arts/printing process oriented equally to mass production and more limited runs.

Screen printing can give added dimension to your work and truer, more accurate color reproduction. Quickly. Clearly. Uniformly. With tight registration.

Graphic imaging allows designers to create, edit or change production designs with a minimum of effort. The process also enables screen printers to view and manipulate finished layouts before committing them to full production.

Whether you require a corporate logo transferred to a special surface or a complete range of sophisticated materials reproduced with quality, integrity and care, discover screen printing - the surprisingly versatile, print anything process.