Large Format Digital Printing opens new and exciting opportunities to produce low quantity, high image signs, and advertising.

Just send us your digital files (Tif’s, EPS, PDF’s, PSD's etc.) and we can output brilliant images up to 64" wide by 100’ in one piece. Want it bigger? We can tile your image and produce anything up to billboard size. Merge text, graphics, photos and scanned images. Print them on a variety of medias, such as presentation bond, canvas, vinyl, tyvek, pressure sensitive vinyl decals, fine art paper, polycarbonate or backlit material. Add our professional finishing capabilities and you have the makings of a spectacular UV resistant image that can be used for presentations, trade shows, permanent displays, or anywhere that calls for quality graphics.

We print on uncoated outdoor-durable materials up to 64 inches wide. Unlike regular inkjet printing on coated media, which can run if it gets wet, the organic solvent-based inks "lock in" to the vinyl they are printed on without an inkjet-receptive coating. . It works great for all outdoor applications, including signs, vehicle graphics and decals.

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There is money laying on your floor! Ever notice the floors of grocery stores lately? Ground level advertising is popping up everywhere. With shelving POP signage over crowded the floor is the space of choice. A great way to announce your hottest special.

But do they work? Consumers notice the graphics, read their messages and respond at the cash register. Floor graphics are as effective as more conventional POP displays in stimulating sales of impulse products, such as snack foods, by as much as 10%, Sales for some consumer products are reportedly 20-30% higher at stores with floor graphics Some of the success can be attributed to the medium's novelty. Still, others believe that ground level advertising is effective because most people naturally focus their eyes downward, looking where they walk as they push their shopping carts. As an advertising medium, floor graphics complement and reinforce other advertising messages and campaigns. Compared to news papers, outdoor advertising, radio, and TV, floor graphics are cost-effective, with prices in the range of $12 per sq. ft. for the printed piece. By dovetailing with other marketing programs, floor graphics strengthen brand recognition. Plus, by reinforcing and advertising message, these graphics influence buying decisions - most consumers don't choose which brand to buy until after they enter the store.

Other options Grocery stores aren't the only venue for floor graphics. Museums, shopping malls, nightclubs, airports, schools, restrauants, and exhibit halls also use floor graphics to provide directions and promote products or services.

(Signs of The Times Magazine December 2002)

Our digital imaging and finishing department can deliver any size floor graphic in any color combination and in any quantity. Yes, we can even build one of a kind floor graphics for your small store. Call 800-566-7446 today for a free sample and quote.


• Banners • Trade Show Exhibits

• Bus Shelter Posters • Vinyl Banners

• Backlit Displays • Transit Vinyl Graphics

• Billboards • POP Displays

• Window Graphics • Presentation Boards

• Political Posters • Directional Signage

• Counter Displays • Demonstrative Evidence

• Trial Exhibits • Legal Graphics

• Decals • Name Plates

Why Print Giclées?

Giclées make great business sense!

Maximize your cash flow: Giclée printing is more cost effective and faster than traditional fine art printing methods. There are no print minimums, so you can order the quantities that suit your needs, allowing you much better control over your cash flow.

Increase revenue: Giclée prints are produced on archival watercolor papers and canvas, giving each piece the similar look and feel of an original work of art. This allows you to command a higher selling price per unit for your prints.

Eliminate large inventory management problems: Images are stored electronically via sophisticated digital imaging equipment and can be reproduced in any quantity, on demand. You order what you need when you need it!

Improve market focus: A consistent product is guaranteed every time, eliminating the expense of large up front obligations and storage problems associated with traditional lithography. This allows you to test a new market idea or image.

What are Giclées? Excellent income opportunities!

Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") reproductions were originally developed in 1989 as a digital method of fine art printing. Normally, giclées are produced in smaller editions than lithographs. By limiting your print runs to fewer numbers and utilizing the superior quality of a giclée, you will increase the value of the print and realize a greater profit from your edition.

How about quality? Superior to the rest, Mimaki & Mutoh giclées are the best!

While there are many manufacturers of printing equipment that are referred to as giclées, the foundation of this method is based on superior technology created using enhanced digital ink jet printers. Mimaki & Mutoh printers have been specifically modified for the precise criteria of fine art collectors desiring museum quality limited edition prints. Mimaki & Mutohgiclées offer deep, saturated colors and have a beautiful paint-like quality that retains meticulous detail including subtle tints and blends. Additionally, they are printed on archival quality watercolor papers and canvas, instead of "poster-like" papers.

What mediums can Giclée reproduce? We are limited only by your imagination!

Virtually any medium can be reproduced including watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, photographs and pencils, just to name a few. If you work with other mediums please contact us and we can discuss how best to reproduce your art to perfection.

I've heard of artists enhancing giclées, why do this? Three words... Higher Selling Price!

Giclées do not require enhancement! Giclées are the closest thing to an original available, but unlike other reproduction methods, giclées can be enhanced after printing if you choose to do so. Some artists wish to add re-marques or are interested in a mixed media effect, and choose to hand embellish their giclées. This adds to the value of the giclée and increases your profit dollars.

Do I have many choices of substrates? Absolutely!

Some of the many choices are:

Arches Papers

Somerset Papers

Lysonic Watercolor Papers

Canvas - Glossy or Matte Finish

Photorag (for archival prints of photos)

Note: All substrates used are archival quality. Many different substrates can be used, this is not intended to be a complete list. Please contact Edwards if you require a different substrate.

Does Giclée ink last? Yes!

Mimaki & Mutoh printers use a six-color process with special pigment-based inks. These highly stable inks for the Mutoh have been longevity tested to a permanence of approximately 100 years. Mimaki uses solvent based ink and can last outdoors for therr years without lamination. Great for the profitable outdoor art market.

Is the initial process fast? Yes! Because all work is done on-site

We do try to work within your timetable whenever possible. Generally, please allow 7 - 15 business days for proofs and 7 - 15 business days from receipt of your signed proof for shipment of finished prints.

What about re-prints? Fast, easy and consistently accurate!

Since your original image is transferred (or burned) onto a compact disk, all you need to do is give us a call with your reorder. There is no need for us to receive the image or transparency again for a repeat run.

How about payment? Convenient Payment Terms

A 50% deposit is required at the time you place your order and payment is due in full when you receive your completed order. We also accept Visa, MasterCard .

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